Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some information you might find useful when choosing Reval as your provider of choice.

Who else do we supply?

Reval supply product to all areas of the care sector and we are especially known for designing and supplying equipment that is sure to be suitable for use in commercial health facilities where there will be heavy use so our products are proven to stand the test of time and where regulatory assurances are of the highest priority.

We work extensively with high end care groups such as Signature, Baycroft, Majesticare and Abbeyfield to name just a few, but we also supply Hospitals, Hospices and work very closely with case management companies and healthcare professionals to help give private individuals access to the best equipment solutions possible that can meet any complex care needs.

Reval also have a reputation of working meticulously with the industry’s lead contractors and architects responsible for designing and building the best health and care facilities throughout the industry.

Visit our Case Studies page to have a look at some of our client stories.

What are our product lead times?

Our standard Lead Time is 4-6 weeks from date of order. Although every appliance is generally manufactured to order we do keep some rolling stock at our warehouse in Bridgend. If you let us know your requirements we have the flexibility to work with our Warehouse and Manufacturing departments to ensure deadlines can be met.

How long does the Warranty Period Last?

In the UK all Reval Manufactured Products come with a comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty as standard, valid from the date of dispatch or installation. For full details on our warranty specifics and what it all entails you can download a copy of our UK Warranty Information Guide for your perusal.