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Discover sensational bathing.

Product info

Combining hydro-massage with sensory experiences, the Reval spa range is designed to benefit those with disabilities, mental and behavioural disorders, as well as those who are visually, hearing and speech impaired. The ultimate in bathing technology, cleanliness and safety our Reval HydroSpa, Reval ColourSpa Reval AromaSpa and Reval AudioSpa systems take relaxation to a whole new level.

Depending on which bath or pool you have chosen, you may modify it by using some or all of our Reval Spa Options.

Enjoy the therapeutic effects of bathing

Our Reval HydroSpa option combines the therapeutic effects of bathing with a relaxing underwater muscle massage. Our bubbling baths come complete with air heaters, which maintain constant temperatures and keep patients warm, while diffusers located along the floor of the bath massage the patient and can be controlled for preference.


Creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation

The Reval AromaSpa option uses the beneficial effects of essential oils for an aromatic bathing experience. Creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, or stimulation and invigoration, the whirlpool’s air streams infuse different essential oils, which have beneficial psychological effects and keep interior spaces freshly scented and hygienic.

Soothing or stimulating ambience

When used as therapy, coloured LED lights are known to have positive psychological and physiological effects and can help maintain and restore health. Our Reval ColourSpa option has large integrated LED lights, which illuminate and colour the water, producing warm light and a soothing or stimulating ambience to mentally and emotionally engage the patient.

State of the art hydro with the unique benefits of music

Our latest innovation is our Reval AudioSpa, which combines our state of the art hydro options coupled with the unique benefits of music. Music and sound has been proven to be highly beneficial as a treatment. Using music as a stimulus can result in deeper sleep, better balance and improved vitality and well-being.

Key features

  • Self-cleaning hydrotherapy system
  • 12 Hydrotherapy jet oulets
  • In-built colour spa LED lamps with interchanging colour sequence
  • In built Aromatherapy diffuser and casing with twist cap insert
  • Scent sticks and aromatherapy oil included with Aroma Spa option
  • Audio spa In-built bath speaker
  • Bluetooth Connectivity