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Cocoon Keyhole

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Functional high dependency bathing technology.

Product info

With posture management built in to it’s design the Cocoon range of high dependency bathing systems raise the bar with several new and unique innovations designed to improve patient outcomes and wellbeing within the high dependency care environment.

The Cocoon “Keyhole” is a stylish variable height, high dependency bathing system for use with bath hoists and stretchers within the high dependency care environment. The Cocoon “Keyhole” concept has an internally spacious design. Ergonomically shaped, the keyhole shape allows a patient to immerse deeper into the bath providing a more comfortable and relaxing experience. The tub has tall side walls and a flat sloped floor. This is designed to accommodate the space taken up by the thickness of a stretcher. The design also provides more working space for care workers, which in turn makes bath tasks more user friendly and comfortable for care workers.

With cutting edge innovation and user-friendly controls, the Cocoon Keyhole features a touchless panel designed to reduce risk of cross contamination which is important in today’s challenging healthcare environments. In addition, the Cocoon Keyhole features anti-scold technology and demonstrates compliance with all legal requirements set out by the UK water industry.

The superior style, design and build quality will ensure long term reliability and performance long into the future, guaranteeing reduced lifetime costs supported by our highly regarded 3 Year no quibble warranty.

As with all Reval bathing systems the “Keyhole” can also be equipped with all four “Spa Care” options, Hydro, Aroma, Colour and Audio Spa. These options can be integrated individually or in a combination to suit your budget or the specific patient outcomes you wish to achieve. “Spa Care” options will totally transform the bathing experience, improve your patient outcomes and well-being.



Key features

  • Keyhole shaped tub
  • Variable height tub with autofill function
  • User friendly digital touchless controls
  • Integrated thermostatic water controls (TMV3 and WRAS Cat 5 Certified)
  • Luxury re-enforced fibreglass design with fully supportive contours
  • Compatible with a range of mobile and ceiling hoists
  • Increased posture management
  • Available with four spa therapy options


“We understand the importance of bathing to individuals. The benefits of bathing, particularly for residents, are more than skin-deep. Bathing offers unique conditions for promoting a feeling of well-being. Bathing is beneficial for residents, both physically and emotionally. That is why we have chosen Reval as our partner to provide a variety of high quality facilities so that our residents can choose their bathing experience. Our hydrotherapy bathing system combines the therapeutic effects of bathing with a relaxing underwater muscle massage, whilst the aromatherapy system uses the beneficial effects of essential oils for an aromatic bathing experience creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation.”

— Fernlea, Olea Care

Spa Therapy Options

Combining Hydro Massage with sensory experiences

Combining Hydro Massage with sensory experiences, the Reval spa range is designed to benefit those with disabilities, mental and behavioural disorders, as well as those who are visually, hearing and speech impaired. The ultimate in bathing technology, cleanliness and safety our Reval Hydro Spa, Colour Spa, Aroma Spa and Audio Spa systems take relaxation to a whole new level. Depending on which bath or pool you have chosen you may modify it using some or all of our Reval Spa options.

Tub Colour Options

Why not inject a bit of colour into your Cocoon Bathing system

Reval bring a new dimension to the standard white bathing appliance and have the innovation to offer our customers a chance to upgrade their Cocoon bath with a unique custom tub outer mould colour choice. The colour options include; Taupe, Anise, Parma, and Pearl.

Topaz Bathing Chair

The Topaz bathing hoist makes bathing routines easy.

Compact in design and light and easy to manoeuvre, the Topaz is ideal for use with height adjustable baths as the low wheelbase and four swivel wheels and brakes enable precise positioning underneath the bath. Patients are immersed into and out of the bath effortlessly, smoothly and silently at the press of a button.

Topaz Transfer Stretcher

Our Topaz bathing transfer stretcher makes bathing efficient and comfortable

It features three wide anti-sheer mattress sections, which fit neatly into variable height baths, as well as domestic baths, subject to installation. The mattresses are easily removable for cleaning and replacement, the safety armrests fold down, the leg and backrest sections are fully adjustable, and the anti-corrosion steel frame has been specifically designed for full immersion.
The Topaz stretcher provides effective posture management for patients with more challenging needs and is easily manoeuvrable with the swivel wheels and low wheelbase allowing precise positioning in relation to the bath

Bespoke In-Bath Cushion/Padding

Whether your solution requires increased levels of comfort, higher levels of protection or tailormade support opportunities in both wet and dry areas.

Reval give you the option to integrate bespoke padding, cushions, protection, slip reduction and supports to work in harmony with your bathing appliance. This range is tailormade and offered in a range of materials, fillings and colours. The design has been carefully considered with safety and hygiene in mind.

TECcare Control Disinfectant

Offers safe and effective single step Cleaning and Disinfection for all equipment and surfaces in any Healthcare setting.

Highly effective against bacteria viruses and fungi, its Chlorine free, Fragrance free and Alcohol-free formulation ensures it is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. Tried and tested on all our appliances the solution offers prolonged antimicrobial effect after application.
The product range includes 75ml trigger sprays ideal for cleaning large surface areas and in situations of heavy soiling as well as a 5Ltr concentrate that is easy to dilute and suitable for use with all cleaning systems.