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VIVO Powered Mobile Hoist

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Make light work of patient transfers.

Product info

Vivo is a mid-range powered patient hoist, with a high lift capacity and two-point swivel attachment. The Reval Vivo makes easy work of the most challenging floor, chair and bed transfers. With it’s high lift range and 200kg lift capacity, daily patient transfers to and from beds with tall mattress surfaces are easy and possible. Thanks to the Vivo’s high lift capability it is the perfect general purpose mobile hoist to have in your facility.

Key features

  • 2-point swivel attachment as standard
  • Four function hand control
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Long reach removable mast
  • Directional guiding wheels with integral brakes
  • Emergency lowering safety device
  • Emergency stop safety button
  • Built in battery charger/li>
  • Floor pick up possible
  • Weigh scale option available
  • Four point spreader bar with tilt and pivoting function also available
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate with TECcare control disinfectant

Vivo Scale System

The Reval Vivo digital scale system with it’s easy to read interface and compliance with the national weights.

Measure regulations can be incorporated with the Vivo mobile hoist to help the efficient monitoring of any patient’s wellbeing and health.

Vivo 4 point spreader bar with tilt and pivoting function

The Reval Vivo can be upgraded to include a 4-point spreader bar with tilt and pivoting function.

This is the Idea tool for patient posture management and positioning.

Vivo 8 point traversing stretcher with mechanical leveller

The Reval stretcher system is equipped with a powered traversing spreader bar designed to facilitate a large variety of complex patient transfers in both Acute and Non-Acute environments.

TeCcare Control Disinfectant

Offers safe and effective single step Cleaning and Disinfection for all equipment and surfaces in any Healthcare setting.

Highly effective against bacteria viruses and fungi, its Chlorine free, Fragrance free and Alcohol-free formulation ensures it is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. Tried and tested on all our appliances the solution offers prolonged antimicrobial effect after application