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Hydrotherapy Pool Accessories

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Making Rehabilitation fun, adaptable and accessible to all.

Reval manufacture a number of poolside and in-pool accessories to compliment our Hydrotherapy range. Please find a summary of the equipment available below:

Poolside hoist

The perfect solution for transferring those with reduced mobility in and out of your therapy pool. Available with detachable seat and stretcher options to promote inclusion and well-being for all.

Level access and rehabilitation platform

The mobile platform makes it possible to adjust the level of immersion according to the therapeutic regimes of the patient. The walking corridor allows the patient and the carer to make the most of the preventive and curative functions of the pool by easing the effects of gravity, reducing load on muscles and bones for safer more effective rehabilitation.

Aqua chair and stretcher

Designed specifically for use with the Reval Pool Hoist or Reval Pool Access Platform. The seat is light weight and supportive providing easy access for users. The stretcher system is the perfect tool for transferring users with high dependency needs and is the perfect tool when promoting inclusion and well-being.

Pool covers

Designed specifically to protect your Hydrotherapy pool when not in use.

Underwater exercise chair

Our in-pool exercise chair is a useful underwater aid. The submerged seat can be easily re-positioned along the pool’s side rail and allows those with posture control challenges to follow exercise routines without the need to stand or swim.

In-pool exercise and parallel bars

Ideal for underwater physiotherapy and exercise routines, our in-pool exercise bars can be used with many techniques and exercises that strengthen and build muscle tone. Made from high quality stainless steel, the exercise bars are perfectly designed for rehabilitation work and are easily re-positioned along the poolside for exercise at different water depths.

Underwater wheelchair

Our underwater wheelchair allows the user to be transferred and submerged within the chair itself.

In-pool hydro massage

Combining hydro-massage with sensory experiences, the Reval Pool spa range is designed to benefit those with disabilities, mental and behavioural disorders, as well as those who are visually, hearing and speech impaired taking relaxation to a whole new level.

In-pool mood lighting

When used as therapy, coloured lights are known to have positive psychological and physiological effects and can help maintain and restore health. Our Reval ColourSpa option has large integrated lights, which illuminate and colour the water, producing warm light and a soothing or stimulating ambience to mentally and emotionally engage the patient.

Hydrotherapy massage lance

An aid for helping to build muscle tone and improve circulation this hand held massage lance with varying pressure adjustment allows specific muscle groups to be focused on more effectively.

Key features

  • Hi-end  quality and design
  • Easy integration with your Hydrotherapy Pool
  • A pool transfer solution for any environment
  • Promoting safe fun and effective rehabilitation techniques

Inox Stainless-Steel Hydrotherapy Pool

INOX is an all new and encompassing Hydrotherapy Pool solution package

The Stylish Inox stainless steel hydrotherapy pool is a new and revolutionary concept in pool building materials.  Inox pools are bespoke and manufactured to your detailed specification.  Reval manufacture pool designs that can be sunk into the ground or installed above the surface offering a truly flexible solution, to optimise your building or room space.  The finish achieved is stylish and visually modern. 

Balneo Hydrotherapy Pool

Made to measure Hydrotherapy Pool.

The Reval Balneo pool is a truly unique concept being manufactured from polyester re-enforced fibre glass. We design and build your Balneo to your specific shape and size and can be delivered and installed in as little as twelve weeks.

Tonic Hydrotherapy Pool

Rehabilitation Pool with variable current control.

The Reval Tonic hydro-massage pool is another unique concept by Reval. This pool concept is designed to provide as an industrial installation delivering highly innovative therapies and outcomes for a very wide ranging user group.

The Tonic incorporates two key functions making the concept totally unique. These include an integral level access therapy platform that can be submerged to a depth of 120cm catering for children through to adults thus there are no limits. 

The second key feature is the pool variable water current system.

Butterfly Hydrotherapy Pool

Surface mounted therapy pool that can be installed virtually anywhere.

The butterfly is designed to deliver effective hydro-massage and therapy for both cognitive and muscular-skeletal impairments or simply for relaxation, providing effective hydro-massage solutions and outcomes.

 Designed to stand-alone it allows the caregiver 360-degree access and comes with a stainless steel surrounding handrail for safety. A range of accessories and access solutions complements the Reval Butterfly pool.