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Reval Poolside Hoist

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Pool transfers made easy.

Product info

The Reval poolside hoist is the perfect tool and solution to your pool project. It is also the perfect solution for transferring those with reduced mobility in and out of your therapy pool. The pool hoist is available with detachable seat and stretcher systems which provide access for all levels of dependency promoting inclusion and well-being for all.

The hoist is battery powered and you are provided with a secondary battery and charger providing continuous use. The hoist is available with manual and powered rotation to meet your preference or budget. Installation is straight forward for any pool environment with a solid floor and takes approximately 5 hours to install by Reval’s specialist team.

Key features

  • Adjustable rotation on 360 degrees
  • Manual or powered rotation
  • Suitable for both raised and In-ground pools
  • Available with detachable seat or stretcher options
  • Emergency rise and lower buttons
  • Emergency stop button

Aqua Chair and Stretcher

Designed for use with our poolside hoist, our aqua chair and aqua stretcher make pool access safe and easy for low to high dependencies.

Operated by a user-friendly waterproof hand control, the poolside hoist smoothly and quietly lifts the aqua stretcher or chair, leaving the chassis and wheels at the poolside. When submerged the stretcher platform tilts, easing the patient into the water weightlessly and with little effort. The pool stretcher may also be used in conjunction with our level access platform.

Both have easy clean surfaces, the aqua chair has a comfort moulded seat and the aqua stretcher has a padded mattress and fold-down safety sides.