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Pool Level Access Platform With Therapy Lanes

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Walking or wheeling on water.

Product info

Our Level Access Therapy Platform is unique to Reval. The platform can be installed at the side of any pool and is made to the specifications of your existing pool or your new pool project requirements. The platform has two individual columns that are fixated into the poolside surface sub-structure. The platform suspends securely on the columns which perform the high-low lifting function.

The platform is available in single or twin walking lane designs which increases the number of persons you are able to put into the pool per transfer, and can be adapted perfectly to suit the dimensions of your hydrotherapy pool is the perfect addition for facilitating user access.

The mobile platform makes it possible to adjust the level of immersion according to the therapeutic regimes, the anti-slip floor ensures maximum safety, rise and descent is smooth thanks to the pneumatic remote control. The walking corridor allows the patient and the carer to make the most of the preventive and curative functions of the pool by easing the effects of gravity, reducing load on muscles and bones for safer more effective rehabilitation.

The platform is also designed to be used as a therapy walking lane. There are integral outer and inner hand rails which are removable if required but are there to provide support when training or exercising in the lanes. The platform is also suitable for use with Aqua Chairs and Stretchers and is the perfect transfer tool for those with higher levels of dependency.


Key features

  • Suspended platform with high-low lifting function
  • Single or twin lane options
  • Adapted to suit the dimensions of  your hydrotherapy pool
  • Integral outer and inner hand rails
  • Automatic stop at both high and low limits
  • Emergency stop button

Aqua Chair and Stretcher

Make Pool access safe simple and available to all.

Designed for use with our poolside hoist, our aqua chair and aqua stretcher make pool access safe and easy for low to high dependencies.

Operated by a user-friendly waterproof hand control, the poolside hoist smoothly and quietly lifts the aqua stretcher or chair, leaving the chassis and wheels at the poolside. When submerged the stretcher platform tilts, easing the patient into the water weightlessly and with little effort. The pool stretcher may also be used in conjunction with our level access platform.

Both have easy clean surfaces, the aqua chair has a comfort moulded seat and the aqua stretcher has a padded mattress and fold-down safety sides.