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Crystal Powered Variable Height Shower Trolley

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Push-button ease and control.

Product info

Crystal 3860 powered variable height trolley

The Crystal 3860 easy rise function is controlled at the press of a button. The mattress platform has been designed with soft start/stop control and the action is absolutely silent.

The 3860 features an angle-adjustable mattress platform, with vertical flip function for easy storage, and powered hand control or high-low foot switch control to allow the caregiver to work hands free. It also has a full length padded pillow and mattress with splash sides, dual lockable fold-down side rails and dual brake castors with steering lock and park brake control.

Crystal 3860.20 powered junior trolley

The Crystal 3860.20 shower trolley has several key features all designed to enhance its functionality. It is equipped with easy rise high-low platform for optimum working height. The 3860’s mattress platform has head-up/foot-down adjustment, for comfort and quicker water evacuation. The platform can also be vertically flipped to save valuable bathroom space when not in use.

The Crystal 3860.20 has a safe working load of 160kg, an angle-adjustable mattress platform to prevent back strain, as well as dual lock braking and castor control for easy steering.

Crystal 3861 powered extra long trolley

The Crystal 3861 is our extended length high-low shower trolley and the platform height can be adjusted by the press of a button on the user-friendly hand control. The Crystal 3861 features an angle-adjustable mattress platform to minimise caregiver back strain, as well as dual lock braking steering system for maximum safety.

With a safe working load of 160kg it has been specifically designed for comfortable and easy hygiene procedures for the taller person. It also has a full-length padded mattress and pillow with splash sides and dual-lock side rails for added safety.

Crystal 3865.00 heavy duty trolley

The Crystal Heavy Duty shower trolley has a safe working load of 200kg. In combination with its wider mattress platform and longer length, the 3865 model is the perfect tool for heavier and higher dependency patients.

Key features

  • Variable height mattress platform
  • Comfortable mattress available in pink or grey
  • Waterproof mattress with high sides
  • Drainage outlet and waste water hose at the foot end
  • User friendly hand control control
  • Directional guiding wheels with centralised braking
  • 3 Lengths available
  • Lockable head and foot security rails
  • Comfortable triangular pillow
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate using TECcare Control

Opale Wall Mounted Shower System

To complement the Iris, Reval manufactures a wall mounted shower system.

To complement the Iris, Reval manufactures a wall mounted shower system. When incorporated into the room design, this appliance helps to maximise the working space, creating a more practical working environment.

TeCcare control disinfectant

Offers safe and effective single step Cleaning and Disinfection for all equipment and surfaces in any Healthcare setting.

Highly effective against bacteria viruses and fungi, its Chlorine free, Fragrance free and Alcohol-free formulation ensures it is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. Tried and tested on all our appliances the solution offers prolonged antimicrobial effect after application.