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Iris Variable Height Profiling Shower Table

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The perfect all encompassing wet room or shower room solution.

Product info

The Reval “Iris” is a completely new and unique concept, designed for use in all aspects of healthcare and well-being. The “Iris” has been designed to facilitate shower bathing and hygiene routines, for patients and service users with a wide range of postural and cognitive challenges. Its three-section profiling mattress platform can be adjusted to provide specific postural support in the four key regions of the anatomy, head, back, seat and legs providing maximum safety, support and comfort. The back and leg rest support sections are angled adjustable to provide unrivalled support, comfort and posture management for even the most challenging of conditions.

“Iris” is also kind on the care provider thanks to its variable seat and platform height adjustment. Care workers can maximise their comfort and safety using this function which enhances their wellbeing

As well as being a fully profiling mobile shower and toileting system the “Iris” is also a mobile patient transfer system and can be used to transfer patients and service users in the horizontal or seated position. For added safety and when being manoeuvred or adjusted the chassis extends automatically, to ensure stability and safe working at all times, reducing risk.

The Reval Iris will meet the most demanding of postural needs with ease and is best suited to accommodate mid to very high levels of dependency. Iris is the perfect all-encompassing solution for wet room toileting and bathing.

Key features

  • Multi position posture management
  • Variable height mattress platform
  • Retracting stabilising chassis base
  • Comfortable profiling mattress available in pink or grey
  • Waterproof mattress with high sides
  • Drainage outlet and waste water hose
  • Smoothly operated with 8 function hand control
  • Directional guiding wheels with centralised braking
  • Lockable security rails
  • Comfortable pillow and body belt
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate using TECcare Control

Opale Wall Mounted Shower System

To complement the Iris, Reval manufactures a wall mounted shower system.

To complement the Iris, Reval manufactures a wall mounted shower system. When incorporated into the room design, this appliance helps to maximise the working space, creating a more practical working environment.

TeCcare control disinfectant

Offers safe and effective single step Cleaning and Disinfection for all equipment and surfaces in any Healthcare setting.

Highly effective against bacteria viruses and fungi, its Chlorine free, Fragrance free and Alcohol-free formulation ensures it is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. Tried and tested on all our appliances the solution offers prolonged antimicrobial effect after application.