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Mono Station Aqua Bike

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There are many benefits to be had from using the Mono-station aqua bike. Capable of over 50 different exercises, the ergonomic pedal bucket design offers a great surface for an important water resistance. The weight of each pedal consists of 2.5kg of stainless steel.

The bike provides smooth ample and stroke-free pedaling. Easy to position, set up, and handle the station rolls effortlessly around the pool and vertically up the pool walls. This bike may also be used as a multi station piece of equipment when adding in pool exercise bands, allowing several people to work on the same bike.

The yellow-coloured sleeves and anti-slip coatings provide high visibility,  which marks out the working zone and prevents the risk from swimming
into the equipment.


Key features

  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Pedal bucket design for ideal water resistance
  • Yellow coloured sleeves for increased visibility
  • Anti slip coatings
  • Multi station usability with in pool exercise bands

Inox Stainless-Steel Hydrotherapy Pool

INOX is an all new and encompassing Hydrotherapy Pool solution package

The Stylish Inox stainless steel hydrotherapy pool is a new and revolutionary concept in pool building materials.  Inox pools are bespoke and manufactured to your detailed specification.  Reval manufacture pool designs that can be sunk into the ground or installed above the surface offering a truly flexible solution, to optimise your building or room space.  The finish achieved is stylish and visually modern. 

Balneo Hydrotherapy Pool

Made to measure Hydrotherapy Pool.

The Reval Balneo pool is a truly unique concept being manufactured from polyester re-enforced fibre glass. We design and build your Balneo to your specific shape and size and can be delivered and installed in as little as twelve weeks.