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Reval helps meet diverse community needs


When we think of day care services we might think of coffee mornings, creative activities, or physically focused activities such as mild forms of exercise, but perhaps no one would think you could receive a spa bathing experience.

This was the vision of Bury based Persona Care & Support, a provider of flexible social care community services, to further support and provide varied activities for the needs of the young and elderly with learning or physical disabilities.

With a vision and commitment to offering day care from a person-centred basis, Persona approached assisted bathing specialists Reval Continuing Care to help them offer the relaxation and luxury of a fully immersed bath in a safe and relaxed environment, something akin to that of a home spa experience.

Debra Guider, operations director at Persona Care & Support says:

“We support the many diverse needs of the community but recognised the gap in the market for home from home facilities, especially when it comes to bathing. What could be better than relaxing in a warm, cosy bath? That’s really what we wanted to offer, a place of calm and sanctuary, where an individual can bathe either supported by a family member or a carer, where the equipment enables them rather than hindering them.”


Mindful of the complex needs of some service users, and the requirement for people to feel the benefits of a fully immersed bath, Reval installed their versatile Transcare system. Ideal for patients with reduced posture control, the bath has the advantage of a vertical-raise side door allowing for easy access, a tilting function allowing for a semi-recline posture, and the high-low function prevents the risk of caregiver back strain.

Made from high quality reinforced Vinylester for durability, and designed for industrial use, such as in hospitals and nursing homes, Reval products provide long-term reliability.

Reval products meet stringent quality standards and legal requirements such as CE certification, WRAS Category 5 compliance and TMV3 (D08) certification, and are also ISO9001/8 quality certified.”

Jason Ashman, Managing Director of Reval Continuing Care says:

“We have really enjoyed working with Persona Care & Support to offer upgraded bathing facilities. To be able to experience the many therapeutic benefits of bathing as part of a care package can be transformational for people who struggle to have a bath at home. What could be better than enjoying a warm relaxing bath.”


“With our assisted bathing systems from Reval we now offer non-clinical bathing environments that fully meet individual needs. This facility is really changing the image of day services, what could be better than experiencing a fully immersed relaxing bath with the option of following that with a hair dressers appointment or social activity? We’re very grateful for the support and guidance received from Reval and we know our service users are too.”

— Debra Guider, Operations Director at Persona Care & Support