New Caprice Seat Design

Date: 13 September 2018

Tag: Innovation, News, Product Development

Always looking to raise the standard of Hi-end Assisted Bathing, Reval continues to reinvent and challenge on existing product design.

With high levels of patient comfort, hygiene and dignity set as a primary company focus Reval have very carefully factored high end innovation and design into the quality upgrade of the Caprice bath bathing seat. Now when our customers buy a Caprice bath they get this upgraded seat included as standard.



The new and improved upgrade sets Reval apart from any other plastic seat offering in the marketplace. The end user can now encounter a list of additional benefits to further enhance their bathing experience:

  • The seat is made from a material that is softer, warmer to the touch whilst at the same time extremely hard-wearing.
  • Increased levels of comfort from the newly moulded back support.
  • Strategically considered grooves that discreetly redirect any excess water away from the seat.
  • Wider patient folding arm rests for increased levels of comfort and relaxation.
  • A larger aperture to offer increased levels of personal hygiene and dignity.
  • Optional Aperture Reducer Insert to give the flexibility of reducing the diameter of the opening from 22cm to 14.5cm.