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In Bathing Padding

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Providing higher levels of Protection, Support, Safety and comfort.

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Whether your solution requires increased levels of comfort, higher levels of protection or tailormade support opportunities Reval give you the option to integrate bespoke in bath padding which is designed to work in harmony with your bathing appliance. This range is tailormade for Reval bathing appliances and can be offered in a range of colours to suit your environment. The design has been carefully considered with safety and hygiene in mind.

Our In Bath Padding can be used to reduce impact for a User where involuntary movement can be a challenge for those providing care. The impact panels are carefully moulded and stuck with individually sewn suckers. These are placed around the inner shell and bottom of the bath, encasing the User from harm and allowing them to enjoy the benefits the bath has to offer.

Manufactured with high quality materials and fillings the padding also demonstrates pressure reliving qualities for those with boney prominence, sensitive skin or poor blood circulation.


Designed to offer increased levels of comfort and postural support whilst bathing. Our range of knee brake and wedge-shaped cushions offer the same support as a mesh insert. Manufactured from high quality materials and secured into place with individually sewn suckers.

This solution works in the same way as a mesh bath insert but guarantees that the patient is not positioned at a level which is higher than the bottom of the bathtub.

Therefore, offering the patient fully supported comfort and immersion.


For facilities with varying levels of resident dependency or where the need would arise for short term Sling Hoist Transfer Reval can offer a safe solution.

Our bespoke Protection Covers enable the Caprice bath chair to be removed. This allows the exposed areas to be covered safely and securely with a small press stud fixing or slipped on like a cosy. Reassuring you that the risk of unwanted User contact during the transfer is completely protected.

Key features

  • Pressure relieving qualities
  • Provides posture management and control
  • Increased levels of comfort and protection
  • Thermal qualities over solid surfacess
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Can be cleaned with Reval TECcare product range
  • A range of colour options available