Working Hard To Eliminate Cross Contamination Risks

Date: 25 March 2021

Tag: Assisted Bathing, Cross Contamination Prevention, Disabled Environments, Health and Social Care, Mobility Solutions, Residential Care

Known to never compromise on quality or safety our team are always listening to our clients, observing the pain points and striving to offer the right solutions that the health and care industry so desperately need

You cannot put a price on the right assurances and gaining the added piece of mind that the right equipment used in your facility will not compromise when caring for the most vulnerable individuals. That is why our complete bathing range is offered with industry leading digital touchless sense technology. Meaning no physical contact with taps or trying to get the optimum water temperature when preparing the bath.

The Benefits:

  • Easy for Carers and Staff to Operate with Simple User Friendly hand gestures.
  • Touchless Sense Technology that will help to eliminate and minimise cross contamination risk on surface areas.
  • Pre-programmed minimum and maximum temperature setting for confidence that the optimum safe temperature is reached.
  • Pre-programmed sensor fill level allowing you to leave the room whilst the bathtub is filling which will cut down on the waiting time in the bathroom waiting for the resident to be able to get in.
Reval Digital Touchless Control Panel: Safety First