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Bridging Clinical Needs with Home Comfort: Reval’s Installation Feat in Swansea

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At Reval, challenges are not mere obstacles,
but opportunities to innovate and excel.

Renowned for their assisted bathing range, Reval’s expertise usually shines in commercial healthcare settings, gracing care homes and hospitals throughout the UK. Yet, in Swansea, an unconventional scenario emerged. A request to specify for a domestic property.

This unique call to action, was one that Reval were more than ready to answer stepping up and working with healthcare services, a construction tram and architect.

While most of Reval’s installations are centred around commercial healthcare environments, every once in a while, a unique project arises. A domestic homeowner needed a solution that would not only meet clinical needs but would also fit seamlessly into a residential setting.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was the spatial adaptation of the domestic property. It wasn’t just about installing the bath; the house itself had to be remodelled to accommodate the practical needs of the patient. This required the integration of the expertise of construction professionals, architects, and occupational therapists, to ensure the environment was both functional and safe.


Reval’s Transcare Bath stood out as the most suitable clinical and safe option. The assisted bathing product is designed not only to aid in posture management but also to address the clinical condition of the householder. It’s a highly versatile bathing system, perfectly designed for patients with compromised posture control. One of its standout features is the vertical-raise side door, facilitating effortless patient access. This feature not only enhances the patient’s comfort but ensures caregivers can assist without undue strain, thanks to its high-low function. Furthermore, the Transcare system boasts a unique tilting mechanism. This function allows patients, even those with the most challenging conditions, to semi-recline, ensuring they can be fully immersed up to their necks in water, promoting relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

A thorough site survey was conducted, which emphasised the need for significant house modification to ensure a flawless installation. In partnership with the construction team and architect, Reval conceptualised a plan which allowed for the Transcare Bath to be safely hoisted through an upstairs window. The entire installation process was completed within a day, which included a thorough training session for the family and caregivers.



Thanks to Reval’s expertise and adaptability, the patient now has access to a state-of-the-art bathing solution, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care in the comfort of their home. The bath not only met the clinical requirements set by the occupational therapists but was also the perfect product for the environment, providing future proof bathing, ensuring care needs would always be met.

Moreover, Reval’s commitment to excellence doesn’t end post-installation. Regular contact, with checks every six weeks are scheduled to ensure everything is functioning as it should be, offering top-up training and additional advice as required.

This unique project is a testament to Reval Continuing Care’s adaptability and dedication to meeting individual needs. By successfully transforming a domestic property to house a Transcare Bath, they have provided a sustainable, future-proof care solution, underscoring the company’s position as a leading name in assisted bathing solutions.