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Focus On Resident’s Physical & Mental Wellbeing Through Spa Bathing Experiences

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The care group Olea Care is well known as a mark of care quality, in fact their company philosophy is built around being recognised as a first choice provider of quality care. So it’s probably no surprise their focus on high standards is also applied to deciding whom they choose to work with to fulfill their quality-led mission.

Olea Care has been working with Reval since 2014. The relationship is built on the trust of a genuine partnership that together provides the people Olea Care support with the very best in bathing experiences for physical and mental wellbeing.

Described on the Olea Care website as ‘more than just bathing’ the hydrotherapy bathrooms featured across the new flagship development Fernlea, and the recently refurbished and developed Doves Nest site, are a real selling point.

Always looking for ways to improve their care facilities, and how they are experienced, Olea Care approved Reval’s designed solution to improve opportunities to access day-to-day wellbeing experiences through bathing.

With the Reval Cocoon Ergo bath in both sites, and a Caprice bath in one, the spa options on offer provide a quality spa bathing experience that would be hard to access even in a commercial day spa.

A place to unwind and benefit from the wellbeing of deep relaxation, the spa baths feature HydroSpa, a targeted muscle stimulation and massage system, AromaSpa, a relaxing or invigorating bathing experience depending on which essential oils are used, and ColourSpa to create a stimulating ambience through the use of coloured lighting for psychological and physiological benefits.

Ensuring everyone has the ability to access therapeutic bathing, Reval installed the Guldmann GH3 discreet overhead ceiling track hoist system. Comfortable and dignified for end-users, the hoist system allows those with mobility difficulties and disabilities to fully benefit from a fully immersed spa bathing experience without compromise.

Louise A Claffey, from Olea Care Group had this to say about the positive impact of the spa baths:

“When we initially commissioned the Reval spa baths we had no idea of the dependency we would have on them as the pandemic took hold. Mental wellbeing and a sense of wellbeing became more prevalent; we wanted our residents to feel supported, safe and happy during that time. The spa baths became really important in helping people manage their feelings throughout this period. From aiding people to release pandemic anxiety and have a good nights sleep, to easing away the aches and pains of the weary, the state of pure relaxation made it very hard for anyone to focus on anything other than just sitting back and enjoying the experience.”

Highlighted throughout the pandemic as a godsend for the care workers, the built-in flush-cleaning technology became a massive help in mitigating the risks of infection.

Often an overlooked, but much appreciated feature of the Reval bath systems, the flush-system blows warm air through the internal system to eliminate all traces of water and moisture to maintain a safe environment where the proliferation of pathogens and bacteria are significantly reduced.

Louise goes on to talk about the positives of the self-cleaning technology function: “Cross infection has been a constant concern especially throughout the pandemic. Knowing through experience that Reval bathing appliances are well designed and easy to clean has helped us worry less about the product we are bathing our residents in so we can focus more on the experience of relaxed bathing.

“But the real peace of mind comes from knowing that at the end of each spa session the automated system expels and dries the pipework helping to prevent cross contamination through residual water from each users bath water. Once the system has run through its full cycle and the external surfaces of the bath are wiped clean, we’re ready for the next resident to enjoy their spa bathing session.”


Louise confirmed the spa baths have become a focus of the care group’s online, and onsite tours when able. “The baths are a real feature for us, we feature them on our virtual tours and in our brochures, when people see them they are pleasantly surprised, it’s a bit different and always gets a WOW reaction.

“We never underestimate the benefits of bathing. Choosing Reval to be our partner is no mistake, their service, knowledge and genuine caring concern for what we want to achieve has really made this possible for our residents.

“When you hear the fits of laughter from people experiencing the invigorating bubbles of the HydroSpa, or seeing someone totally relaxed after an AromaSpa, it’s confirmation we made the right choice and are offering the highest standard in bathing we can.”

Watch the Olea Care virtual tours here: