Immersing In Our Customer Thoughts And Footsteps

What can a world innovator in assisted bathing and showering tell you about being mindful?

Immersing themselves in their customers’ and end-users’ thoughts and footsteps Reval are designing and manufacturing assisted bathing and showering products that get as close to a home from home environment as possible.

Chris Prescott, national sales manager Reval says: “We are forever mindful of the complex needs and requirements of our clients, and their end users, but we also know this is a very human business where bathing is a private, relaxing, even enlightening experience that can provide profound feelings of wellbeing, comfort and relaxation”

With this in mind the company ensures their range is designed and manufactured with enablement and relaxation in mind.

But how do you balance something so personal and private with the primary aim of addressing personal hygiene in a stress free and dignified way?

The Alzheimer’s Society discusses washing and bathing and key to their recommendations is the statement try to imagine how you would feel in their situation”. *1

Chris Prescott, national sales manager at Reval says: “This statement really resonates with us, this is why our approach considers the practicalities as well as the emotions.

Ed Russell, Director of Innovation and Development, WCS Care: “With the help of Reval’s Transcare system and our own learning, we’ve approached bathing differently – turning what some might see as an everyday task into a relaxing spa-like experience, complete with aromatherapy, soft colourful lighting, and music.

“The spa bath’s design means people – including those with reduced mobility – can enjoy a fully immersed experience independently or with support from loved ones or carers, easily maintaining dignity throughout.”

As you’d expect from a company at the core of innovation in assisted bathing and showering technology, Reval have designed many solutions fit for the varying preferences and approaches in dementia care.

The Transcare is specifically designed to consider privacy and dignity and enables a user to bathe with only their face in view. With high sides and a uniquely moulded posture management design its raise and tilt function allows for effective monitoring but allows for a truer sense of a normal bath.

Ideal for patients with reduced mobility and posture control Transcare features a contrasting purple stripe, which clearly defines the bath edge to aid access for those with visuoperceptual difficulties. For added luxury, and a welcome distraction for some, the optional spa features: HydroSpa, AromaSpa, ColourSpa and AudioSpa, enable patients to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of massage, colour, music and aromatherapy while enjoying a warm relaxing bath.

Equally designed with the user in mind is the Caprice tub. First to market with a contrasting seat it allows for identification of a key feature to help those with cognitive impairments. Helping the user see exactly where they need to sit helps remove anxiety that often accompanies the insecurity and panic people feel with an altered sense of perception.

When the only option is to provide a bed bath Reval have launched an integrated mobile shower unit called Ruby. The first commercial shower of its kind it literally brings the shower to the bed providing an innovative solution where patients cannot leave their bed independently or with assistance.

Of course equal consideration is given to how the care giver will use Reval products. Thanks to variable seat and platform height adjustment functions care givers can maximise their comfort and safety whilst carrying out their roles effectively. With cutting edge innovation and user-friendly controls, there are no clumsy and awkward controls, products feature touchless control panels, and anti-scold technology ensures safety for all.



Published by Colette Lowe