Experience Superior Assisted Showering at the Residential and Home Care Show 18-19th May 2022 Excel London

Reval Continuing Care will be demonstrating assisted showering excellence with their Super Six assisted showering range.

The expertly designed and manufactured assisted showering range is the pinnacle of assisted showering for optimum comfort, safety, comfort and personal care, and will be on display in a life sized fully functioning wet room at stand D70.

The Reval Supper Six are; Ruby mobile showering unit, Soflex commode and shower chair, Crystal shower trollies, Opale wall panel hygiene shower systems, Iris fully profiling mobile shower and toileting system and Amber variable height shower stretcher.

The Reval team will take you through what it really means to have assisted showering products that are fit for purpose. Designed with patient dignity and safety in mind the team will be sharing key features and benefits of products designed to support personal hygiene routines with ease.

Visitors will be able to take their pick of assisted showering solutions and learn more about how Reval’s Super Six range will never fail in a busy care environment.

Jason Ashman, Head of Global Business at Reval says: “You might have an empty wet room or are looking for an assisted showering solution. You could even be looking for more energy and water efficiency, whatever your needs our stand is where you need to be. Learn about how showering can bring new efficiencies in the delivery of care as well as minimise use of energy and resources in a Residential and Home Care Show first – a fully functioning wet room.”

Recent feedback from Deb Smith, Health and Safety Manager Infection Prevention and Control Lead Risedale at Abbey Meadow had this to say about one of our Super Six, the Ruby mobile shower unit: “We purchased our first Ruby in July 2013 specifically for our service users with the most complex of physical health needs. This has and continues to provide them with the ability to ‘feel’ the sensation of water whilst remaining within the comfort of their own familiar surroundings, within a calming atmosphere, whilst being comfortable and safe.

“Since then, in 2021 we purchased four more Ruby systems for use at all our other homes within the organisation, recognising that we are able to provide this experience for other service users with differing needs, including those at the end of life.

“Where service users were unable to safely undertake bathing or seated showering, the Ruby has given back to them this ability; whilst maintaining dignity, comfort, safety, and the therapy that water brings.”

Leaders in assisted showering solutions, Reval has always maintained one single working philosophy ‘To cultivate deep empathy for customers needs to provide and delight them with positive dignified and life-changing solutions.’

Reval’s vision is to transform the lives of those people living with health and mobility challenges through sustainable wellbeing. By promoting hygiene and rehabilitative solutions that focus on the safe and dignified needs of each individual.

See the Super Six for yourself at the Residential and Home Care Show 18-19th May 2022 Excel London stand D70. Register here