When it comes to adaptation design Reval Continuing Care is a good fit

Providing a good fit isn’t just about the working relationship between Adaptation Design Ltd and Reval, it’s about providing a good fit of assistive technology for creating enabling domestic living environments.

Working with the OT team at Adaptation Design, Reval assist in improving the living environment of clients though the design and specification of discrete ceiling track hoist systems.

Chris Prescott, National Sales Manager at Reval says: “Freedom in your own home is very important no matter your ability or capacity to perform everyday functional mobility tasks. People with disabilities live a very different life to you and me, with this in mind we apply our in depth knowledge, and their wants and needs, to enable functional interaction with their home environment.”

David Goodheart Senior says:We specialise in home adaptation projects for people with disabilities. Many people with disabilities find themselves having to make home life compromises. For us, our aim is to recommend and install the appropriate interventions to ensure that a person is enabled in their environment to access their bathroom, toilet or kitchen in a safe and easy manner.

“Helping us achieve this is Reval. Their knowledge when specifying a ceiling track hoist system is second to none. They genuinely care about providing the very best solution for our clients. We can’t thank them enough for their professional consideration and dedication to good design when creating a functional environment for our clients.”

Exceptional freedom of movement is the result Reval are focussed on achieving. 

Chris continues: “Specifying smooth, comfortable and discreet ceiling track hoist systems is the goal for us. There is nothing better than working with a good design team, such as Adaptation Design, to provide clients and their care team with a greatly improved domestic environment.

“Reval understands the level of functional detail Adaptation Design are looking to achieve. This is why we put a lot of detail and effort into our site surveys prior to the design proposal. We take time to discuss with the OT team to ensure any installation meets the client’s expectations and delivers more freedom than ever experienced before.”

Reval provide a wide range of ceiling track solutions designed to meet every patient transfer requirement in the home care setting. These range from simple single-track installations, to recessed rail multi-room connecting systems. All these systems can be enhanced with integrated digital weigh scales, in track charging and the exclusive remote control pod and track locks for physio work and exercise.

Reval’s vision is to transform the lives of those people living with health and mobility challenges by promoting solutions that focus on the safe dignified needs of each individual and the overall impact on their sustainable well-being.

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