Focus On Resident’s Physical & Mental Wellbeing Through Spa Bathing Experiences


The care group Olea Care is well known as a mark of care quality, in fact their company philosophy is built around being recognised as a first choice provider of quality care. So it’s probably no surprise their focus on high standards is also applied to deciding whom they choose to work with to fulfill their quality-led mission.

Olea Care has been working with Reval since 2014. The relationship is built on the trust of a genuine partnership that together provides the people Olea Care support with the very best in bathing experiences for physical and mental wellbeing.

Described on the Olea Care website as ‘more than just bathing’ the hydrotherapy bathrooms featured across the new flagship development Fernlea, and the recently refurbished and developed Doves Nest site, are a real selling point.

Always looking for ways to improve their care facilities, and how they are experienced, Olea Care approved Reval’s designed solution to improve opportunities to access day-to-day wellbeing experiences through bathing.

With the Reval Cocoon Ergo bath in both sites, and a Caprice bath in one, the spa options on offer provide a quality spa bathing experience that would be hard to access even in a commercial day spa.

A place to unwind and benefit from the wellbeing of deep relaxation, the spa baths feature HydroSpa, a targeted muscle stimulation and massage system, AromaSpa, a relaxing or invigorating bathing experience depending on which essential oils are used, and ColourSpa to create a stimulating ambience through the use of coloured lighting for psychological and physiological benefits.

Ensuring everyone has the ability to access therapeutic bathing, Reval installed the Guldmann GH3 discreet overhead ceiling track hoist system. Comfortable and dignified for end-users, the hoist system allows those with mobility difficulties and disabilities to fully benefit from a fully immersed spa bathing experience without compromise.

Care Home Bathing Is More Than Just A Function

Leaders in assisted bathing solutions, Reval has always maintained one single working philosophy ‘To cultivate deep empathy for customers needs to provide and delight them with positive dignified and life-changing solutions.’

As pioneers in innovative assisted bathing design and manufacturing, Reval are now leading the way in health and hygiene technology. Very much the innovators, from design to manufacture, outstanding products are produced to deliver premium value and regulatory assurances.

Providing greater patient safety, maximum ease of use and accessibility for carers, and an unsurpassed end-user bathing experience, always drives this commitment.

Compromise isn’t in the company’s vocabulary, which is why Reval are so often selected to work with the countries leading luxury elderly care providers, such as Ashmere Homes.

WCS Newlands Care Home

What does maintaining the ability to have a bath mean to you?

Newlands, part of Warwickshire-based charity WCS Care, believes your life doesn’t have to change when you move into a care home.

Enabling people to continue enjoying what they’ve always done and having the opportunity to try new things is an overriding philosophy of care where freedom, choice and dignity are paramount.

Being able to bathe is an essential part of maintaining a routine of normality – for many with reducing functional decline and change, bathing can be one of the first areas of an individual’s routine that become affected.

We spoke to Bonnie Burbury, Home Manager at Newlands in Kenilworth, about the importance of enabling a ‘normal’ routine, especially when it comes to bathing. “It is really important to us that we create a homely, inviting atmosphere and promote WCS Care’s values along the way. Our ambition is to make every day well lived for each and every person in our care. Personal care can sometimes seem daunting for residents, so to be able to offer a comfortable, relaxing environment with facilities such as the Reval Cocoon Ergo bath is great – it increases the length of time a person may spend in the bath; beneficial for both personal hygiene and wellbeing. There are a lot of physical benefits too – with Multiple Sclerosis for example, or conditions that affect muscles, being able to soak in the bath may relax or stimulate muscles and have a positive impact.